1 Cart, 2 Kids & 3 Shopping Tips


Grocery shopping is a necessary evil. It used to be enjoyable but now that I have two little kids, it’s just another task on my to-do list. It’s something I’ve considered “out sourcing” but that’s just not realistic. However, if I ever go to Target by MYSELF, it becomes a mini shopping trip with a side of Starbucks!

If you’ve ever been grocery shopping with little kids, you know this can be a challenge depending on how many groceries you need to buy. Some days it feels like an olympic sporting event. I dash down the aisles trying to avoid the little old ladies so I can grab the five things I need and get home before nap time. Other days I feel like super mom because no one had a blow out or a meltdown and I managed to get everything on my list and nothing more.

I prefer to do the majority of my grocery shopping at Super Target. Their team members are a lot more friendly and in the mornings the store is calm and peaceful if you don’t count my child singing and talking loudly up and down the aisles. There are 3 things that help make my grocery trips successful.

The List: I write out my grocery list (in the order of the aisles at the store, but that might be a bit OCD for some). This helps me be more efficient and hopefully not forget anything. It also keeps me from buying things I don’t need, most of the time.

The Ergo: I wear Chloe in the Ergo Baby Carrier. It keeps her happy and content and I don’t have to worry about the car seat taking up valuable cart space. And if we happen to be grocery shopping close to her nap time, she will just doze off in the carrier while I shop. I take her straight out of her car seat and put her right in the carrier so I don’t have to mess with it once we get in the store. If I forget this one, I’m screwed!


The Croissant: This is the big one! As soon as we walk through those automatic doors, I turn to the right and head straight to the Starbucks counter and order Caleb a butter croissant, or “sant” as he likes to call it. It makes him happy and keeps him quiet while I shop. Have you ever tried to talk with your mouth full of a flaky croissant? It isn’t easy and it keeps the loudest of toddlers quiet for 15 minutes. Not to mention, after he finishes the whole thing, he’s not hungry for anything else or asking for stuff on the shelf.



These 3 things don’t guarantee that my trip will go smoothly but they do make it MUCH easier. We still have the occasional toddler meltdown, or my favorite, the diaper blowout that requires a baby wardrobe change in the back of the car before we can even enter the store.


I would also like to tell you that these 3 things make my grocery trip quick, but that isn’t the case. It usually takes me at least an hour to shop and check out. By the time I load up the groceries, strap in both kids, return the cart and crank the car . . . I’ve spent about 10 minutes in the parking lot. And then it takes almost 10 minutes to get home. So let’s just say that from start to finish, grocery day takes up about 2 hours of my day. That includes unloading the car at home and putting away my groceries.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it! Any of you mamas have any tips for grocery shopping with little ones?

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