Just You Wait


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I love that my daughter is so much “easier” than my son. It’s not just because this is my 2nd time around. She really is a calmer, more laid back child and a much better sleeper. (Although Caleb set the bar really low for sleeping through the night.) But no sooner than I finish my sentence, someone, a woman and mother none the less, utters those 3words.

Just. You. Wait. 

Did you hear that? It was the sound of my happy 2nd child bubble being popped. “Just you wait until . . .” (fill in the blank with some negative remark). Thanks lady! That’s what every mom of 2 little kids wants to hear . . . your negative input! I didn’t ask for your opinion, nor did I walk by you and blurt out this information. You commented on how peaceful my child was, I thanked you and confirmed that she really is this calm and then you slap me in the face with “just you wait!”


How about you wait! You wait and give your opinion to someone who asks for it. Or how about you wait until I walk off and you can mumble under your breath. Better yet, how about you just wait. Wait a minute and stop and think if this sleep deprived mother of two  really wants to hear your negative commentary while she’s out enjoying the day with her family.
I’ll never understand why other people feel the need to let you know how bad they THINK it’s going to get for you. Did you ever stop and think that maybe my calm little girl will continue to be calm. Mind-blowing I know but just because your child morphed into something else, doesn’t mean mine will.

So ladies, or men for that matter, the next time you’re about to say, “just you wait,” stop yourself and say something nice instead!


43 thoughts on “Just You Wait

  1. YES to all of this. People need to get out of here with that kind of negativity! There’s nothing that gets me going like unsolicited parenting advice and negativity about the same thing. Just stop, people! You go on loving your second kid. My second one was not as easy as my first, and nearly three years later, guess what? Same thing. My first is just the easier kid most of the time! So go on and enjoy your second baby bliss, girl!


  2. Ha! With four littles, I can’t even count how many times people have said stupid things to me. I can easily count, however, the number of times people said kind things about motherhood or motherhood of lots of kids! Here’s to hoping people learn to give grace and encourage each other!


  3. Yes! Thank you! Loved this! Motherhood is hard enough without people reminding us that it might not get easier any time soon. So please let me enjoy my successful moments in peace, thank you very much!


  4. Your daughter is adorable! I hear that the 2nd child is usually a calm soul, having to go with the flow of how a household is already set in its ways. 😉 I am absolutely stunned by what some strangers are willing to blurt out of their mouths to mothers (or expecting mothers). There ain’t nothin’ about this mom that say “Give me your unsolicited opinion.” 😐


    1. Thank you! I’m always shocked by the things people will say. I once had a lady walk up to me on a cruise and tell me I LIED about how far along I was so I could go on the cruise!! I was appalled! She didn’t know me from the man on the moon!


  5. Hahaha I love it. I know the feeling. I actually have two super well behaved kids and people always tell me, oh that will change. Well actually for 3 years now, it hasn’t changed. Like all kids, they have their ups and downs, but for the most part, no it hasn’t changed. 🙂


  6. My daughter is easier than my boys. And just because she is my fourth doesn’t mean it is because I have “been around the block.” She is easier. She likes to please, she listens, she was and is a good sleeper, was a great nurser, and loves to just chill and be a girl. Now I love my boys and their creativity and their craziness but boy, some days are hard. And I got the “just you wait”.

    Yup! But guess what? Just you wait until she does the sweetest cutest things and shows her heart and you’ll squeeze her so tight because your heart just swells. Just you wait until your son shows kindness and consideration to his sister instead of jealousy and entitlement. Just you wait…..life is going to be pretty darn good with those kids!


  7. This is so true! People are always so quick to throw a snarky comment out rather than a supportive one. My first-born is our son, and my second-born is our daughter, and we have the same situation. My son is hilarious and always has people laughing…but my Lord, the child is difficult! My daughter…easy easy easy!
    P.S. She is just a few months over 2 years old, and she is STILL easy. 😉

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  8. People are so quick to judge! Not all children are the same! I just ignore people like that. My siblings are I were all quite calm, little did I expect to have a very active and headstrong child, but I don’t go around telling other mothers thier kids will be any particular way beucase they are all different.


  9. Yup. I just recently had a daughter and when I had her I had so many other moms (younger ones) trying to tell me how to do things. It was frustrating because I already have a 7 year old and been through all that and more. I’ve learnt through my experience not to judge or give advice that’s not wanted. Great post


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