Family, Food And Fireworks

I kicked off our 4th of July weekend, on Friday, with a trip to Target to get all of the necessities for our family cookout. From the looks of my grocery cart, you would’ve thought I was feeding a small army. I ended up pushing out two grocery carts (with my 5 month old strapped to me in the Ergo) because once the cashier sacked the groceries, I couldn’t get them all back in the same cart. Let’s just say . . . I don’t want to ever do that again!!


Saturday morning rolled around and it was time for the festivities to begin. My sweet little sleep thief decided to wake up 4 times throughout the night so I started my day off tired!! But in all honesty, that’s how I start most of my days.

We prepped the food, fired up the grill and waited for our family to arrive. It was a great 4th of July! Caleb loved playing with his cousins and snacking on fruit and chips. The kids provided free entertainment for the adults and we ate until we were stuffed.




The day finally came to an end and it was time for baths and bedtime! Mommy and Daddy’s favorite time of day. We got both kids down and met outside on the back patio to enjoy an adult beverage.

We talked about the day and all the fun we had with our family. We were enjoying the peace and quiet . . . BOOM!! What the . . . BOOM! Our neighbors were setting off loud fireworks! I don’t mean Black Cats, Roman Candles and other small fireworks. I mean mini pyrotechnics that launch into the air like big firework displays. Did I miss the memo? Did popping fireworks become legal in Keller in the last 24 hours? Clearly these people didn’t have a toddler or a baby!

We became “those neighbors.” You know the ones with two little kids that just got them to bed and are ready to start WWIII with anyone who wakes them up!!

So my husband hopped in the car and drove around the corner to find out where it was coming from and ask them to stop. I sat on my patio wondering how the exchange would go. Were these neighbors going to be drunk and rude or friendly and understanding? Luckily, the neighbors remained civil and that was the end of the fireworks for us.

All in all, it was a great Fourth of July with our family!

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