What You Won’t Do

*This is a blog post I wrote back in 2013 about 3 1/2 months after my son was born.


Before I had my son, I was guilty of saying what I wouldn’t do. “I’m not going to let my baby sleep on me at night.” “My baby won’t sleep in my bed.” “I won’t let my sweet infant, hang out in a diaper, because I want him in cute little outfits.” The list could go on. I am now eating my words!!

It is easy to say what you won’t do when you don’t have a kid. But once you do, you realize you’ll do WHATEVER it takes to keep your kid happy and not go crazy!

My son slept on my chest for the first 3 weeks of his life because that was the only way I could sleep longer that an hour and a half. Did that ruin him? No. Does he now sleep in his own bed/rock n play? Yes. So was it worth it for those 3 weeks? Absolutely! Now when I hear a woman say her baby will never sleep on her or with her, I secretly laugh inside and think, “we’ll see.”


I use to always wonder why parents would leave their baby in a diaper when there are so many cute outfits! I love dressing my son in cute stuff and I was not going to let him hang out in a diaper. WRONG AGAIN! After the 2nd blowout of the day or the 10th river of spit up running down my son’s chin, I’m tired of changing his “cute outfits.” Not to mention, the laundry that’s piling up.


Why doesn’t anyone tell you that in parenting classes?! There should be a chapter in parenting books titled, Bibs and Diapers WILL Overtake You! My son has spent many days in just a diaper. Some days he starts the day out that way due to a night time blowout. Which by the way is no fun when you’re half asleep.

So to any mom that’s ever heard me say, “When I have a kid, I won’t ______ (fill in the blank).” I’m sorry. REALLY SORRY. I didn’t know any better. And to any woman that doesn’t have a child, take my advice and don’t say what you won’t do!!


2 thoughts on “What You Won’t Do

  1. Great blog! It is so true that before kids it was easy to say “when I have a kid…..” Here is an idea for the next topic: “my kid will NEVER”
    Best work days were snuggling with your sweet baby!


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